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MHS Counseling Department

We're Here to Help!

Counselor Last Names
(Grades 10-12)
Phyllis Bell  A-Cap
Tony Affatato Car-Fr
Sami Rutowski  Fu-Jon
Michelle Brinkman Jor-Ma
Sally Clark  Mc-P
Katie Hicks  Q-Ste
Seth Johnston



Freshmen Counselor Last Names

Linda Dumstorff 

Megan Pay Lang-Z

Please email your counselor with questions at any time.
We will reply as soon as possible!

School Counselor Role:

  • Assistance with Academic, Career, and Personal Goals

  • College and Career Exploration/Planning
    **Employment, Military Enlistment, Trade/Technical Training, College/University Enrollment

  • Academic Advising and Intervention

  • Personal Counseling and/or Referral Services